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Annie - Putting People First, Committed to Helping Others

Background Experience

Annie holds a degree in Global Supply Chain Management from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and previously served as a general manager in the logistics industry, responsible for coordinating and communicating between the company and clients. Through this experience, she gained valuable insights, such as adopting a neutral stance that prioritizes win-win situations and placing importance on building relationships with others. Annie's ability to transform many of her clients into friends highlights her strong interpersonal skills.

Reason for Transition

Annie's decision to transition into the insurance industry stemmed from several factors. Her frequent travels between mainland China and Hong Kong and an incident during a business trip to Southeast Asia had a significant impact on her. When she felt ill, she received timely and appropriate medical treatment through arrangements with her insurance agent. This experience made Annie deeply appreciate the importance of insurance and she would like to know more about the insurance industry. She realized that the insurance industry not only allows her to genuinely care for customers and develop exclusive plans tailored to their needs but also fulfills her desire to help others. Therefore, Annie has decided to work in the insurance industry.

Impact of the Pandemic
pandemic also affected Annie's journey as she faced travel restrictions and had to stay at home. However, this experience taught her the importance of adaptability and the immeasurable value of helping others. Annie began to think outside the box and selflessly offered assistance to those in need, even when she had surplus resources. This period of reflection made her realize that her past experiences and knowledge were not always applicable during times of crisis. It also made her aware of the limited legacy she would leave behind for her family. Motivated to make a lasting impact, Annie decided to work in the insurance industry and believed that she could continue to support her loved ones even in her absence.

Future Development

Annie plans to pursue a master's degree to further enhance her professional capabilities. Recently, she obtained certifications as a mediator. While these certifications may not directly impact her career, Annie firmly believes in the principle of lifelong learning. She is committed to seizing every opportunity to pursue her aspirations and continuously grow through further education.

Short-Term Goals

In the short term, Annie aims to successfully integrate into her team, understanding the strengths and expertise of each member to establish a solid foundation for future collaborations. Additionally, she harbors a dream of establishing two funds: an animal fund dedicated to caring for abused animals and providing them with love and shelter, and a healthcare fund aimed at improving existing medical systems and assisting those unable to afford medical treatment.

Inspirational Quote

"Live in the present, and be the best version of yourself."

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