Lucy Zhu 朱康佳

Lucy, who has a bachelor's degree in finance, originally thought that AIA's financial planning consultants were excellent, so he joined Wendy's team with enthusiasm, hoping to help customers with product expertise and opinions to help customers achieve long-term wealth appreciation and effective protection. Wendy discovered Lucy's potential and worked hard to cultivate her so that she could accumulate more experience.

Lucy obtained COT* results in 2017 and 2018, and MRDT** qualification in 2019. In the third quarter of 2018, Lucy stood out among more than 14,000 financial advisors and ranked in the top 60 of the company's performance.

AIA Academy Elite

The financial advisor training courses provided by AIA Premier Academy are of great benefit to Lucy: "In addition to learning product knowledge and professional skills, I also gained a precious friendship between classmates. We are not competitors but companions who grow together."

Success experience

Team support:
Lucy is hardworking and smart, but just lacks a little self-confidence. However, the team’s spirit of mutual assistance allowed her to grow up with her company, and now her achievements are obvious to all.

Good communication:
"Being more considerate from the customer's standpoint, communicating more, analyzing and planning rationally, answering customer questions as soon as possible and providing a suitable plan, will naturally win the trust of customers."

Future plan:
"We have set a goal of 20% annual performance growth and hope to be promoted to regional manager within a few years. As long as we work hard, we will never waste our efforts."

*COT ranks in the top 0.1% of global financial advisors
**MRDT ranks among the top 1% of global financial advisors