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Andy Yiu 姚承彦 (Business Partner)

Andy officially joined AIA in January 2022 and came to the Seeds Financial Group family. As the new blood of the team, he has little experience but is still filled with enthusiasm. He therefore wishes to share his experience of joining AIA.

Returning to Hong Kong
Andy grew up in Hong Kong and went to Switzerland for college after sitting in the HKDSE exams. He majored in hospitality and event management at university, then he earned a master's degree in hospitality management. After completing his studies, Andy went to Canada for a short period, only to find that there were more opportunities in Hong Kong, so he decided to return to Hong Kong for better career prospects.

Working landscape in the hospitality industry
Andy, a hospitality and management student, came back to Hong Kong to work as a customer service provider in a serviced residence, this was his first full-time job after graduation. At the beginning of his work, he found it very interesting. He had the opportunity to meet different customers, and interact and communicate with them. He believed that a serious service attitude was very important to his work and his relationship with customers. He also enjoyed it very much. A job nature that communicates with people.

Gradually, however, he realized that there were several fundamental problems with his work at the time, which made him doubt whether he should continue to develop in the industry. First, the company's promotion ladder is very traditional. Generally, employees are required to have certain seniority and experience to be promoted. For example, a newly recruited college graduate needs at least 7-8 years of seniority to be promoted to the management level. I feel that it is difficult to rely on my efforts to gain more room for improvement. Second, the work content is too repetitive, and Andy gradually feels that his work is not too challenging, and there are not many practical things to learn. Once he was familiar with the general process and work content of the hotel industry, he did the same thing afterwards, which made Andy lose his interest in the hotel industry at the beginning, and also began to ask himself whether he would like to continue to work like this in the future. Third, the working hours in the hotel industry are very long, and it is often necessary to work in shifts. Many times, I have to go to work on weekends, so that I have no personal time and no control over my life rhythm. Moreover, there is a serious shortage of manpower in the industry. Andy often has to do the work of two or three people by himself. The disproportionate workload makes him start to seek more challenging and flexible work.

Seeing opportunities in Hong Kong's financial industry
After leaving the hotel industry, Andy actively looked for his future development direction. The opportunity made him aware of financial planning and AIA, a leader in the insurance industry in Hong Kong, as well as successful examples in the industry: Wendy and Mansfield. During an interview with Wendy, Wendy saw Andy's hard work and also noticed the young man's determination to work hard for himself, so he said to him: Even Maxima needs Bole, in Wendy's eyes, Andy is a proper Maxima, and she is confident that she can train him to be an excellent and professional financial planner.

About AIA
Before joining the company, Andy spent a lot of time searching for information about AIA. He believes that if you want to enter the financial planning industry, you must join the strongest company. Therefore, AIA is his absolute first choice. Andy himself has friends who work at AIA. Knowing that AIA's products are of high quality, he has a great competitive advantage. He also knows that the company has a lot of resources, which gives him enough confidence to choose AIA.

Looking into the future
As a newcomer to the industry, Andy has already made up his mind to succeed in this industry. This year he aims to reach the level of MDRT* and COT. He believes that to succeed in this industry, he must be motivated. He further promises himself that he will not let himself down or regret it. In the next five-year plan, Andy also hopes to have his team and become a Leader, so that he can rely on his hands to develop long-term and stable development in the industry.

*MDRT ranks among the top 1% of global financial advisors

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