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Case Study

1. Family Office


Understand the needs of high-end customers

What is a high-end customer? Does it mean professionals? Clients of family offices typically have family assets in excess of $100 million.

When the accumulation of wealth reaches a certain level, high-end customers have huge financial needs, and they need professional advice and related wealth inheritance plans.

The family office business allows high-end clients to properly arrange their assets, and it is also a strong backing for the client's family wealth, which can make them feel at ease and effectively pass on the family wealth across generations.

Hong Kong is a place where capitalists are concentrated. With the rapid development of the Greater Bay Area, the family office market has a huge space for development.


Introduction to Family Office

The business goal of the family office is to allow high-end clients to handle wealth inheritance, succession of family businesses, family spiritual wealth and philanthropy, and can make appropriate recommendations according to the family's own wishes.

Traditional businesses include setting up family trusts and family charitable funds, helping high-end clients' assets build firewalls, protecting clients' assets, and avoiding claims from creditors and marital risks.

Moreover, professionals in the family office business will also help clients manage and arrange suitable overseas asset allocation or alternative investment plans, such as private equity or green investment.

Apart from the business of wealth, the family office will also work on the formulation of a family charter. The family constitution refers to the arrangement of family rules, family traditions and property distribution rights within the family, so that the core values ​​and family spirit of the family can be passed on from generation to generation.

In addition to paying attention to wealth appreciation, the families of high-end customers also attach great importance to the family culture, so there will be various professionals in the market to provide corresponding services.

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Financial planners and high-end clients

The financial-related services provided by general financial planners revolve around insurance/savings/funds, and will not provide other more complex services, such as the establishment of family trusts mentioned above. However, in the huge capital market of Hong Kong, clients around financial planners also need family trusts.

Since financial planners are restricted by their own business, they must rely on a good network of professional relationships to meet the needs of high-end clients.

Wendy Lee and Mansfield Lai of Seeds Financial Group have served in the insurance industry for many years and have accumulated and established a mature and reliable relationship network to meet the needs of team clients.


Seeds Financial Group sees the development potential of the Greater Bay Area and knows that the wealth management needs of high-end customers will only increase in the next 10 years. Therefore, we have made adequate preparations to meet the opportunities in the financial market.


Friends who are interested in joining the wealth management industry, are you ready to learn more about this?

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