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Annual Presentation 

Annual Dinner

2015 The Good Citizen Award

Wine tasting event 

Community service

17-18 Honourable Guest- SU of CUHK

17-18 Honourable Guest- SU of HSHK

Team Dinner

Outing #1

Singapore Convention

19-20 Honourable Guest- SU of CUHK

MDRT Annual Meeting

Recruitment Talk

Melbourne Convention

金融x機會x想法@China Club

Summer Internship Program 2021 Promotion Video

Summer Internship Program 2021

CUHK Medical Centre Visit

Sales Training

Future Star Mentoring Program 2021

Kimman Birthday

2021 Mentoring Program - Xmas Workshop

2021 Future Stars Mentoring Program

Graduate Of iDream - Stella

Graduate Of iDream - Kevin

Graduate of Premier Academy - Andy

Seeds Intern Dinner 2022

Law Students Sharing

​Alumnus Gathering 2022

2022 Seeds Intern Sharing-Lance

2022 Seeds Intern Sharing-Owen

2022 Seeds Intern Sharing-Seth

2022 AIA Scented Candles Workshop

GAMA 2022

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

Boat Trip 2022

Registered Trust Practitioner

2022 AIA Carnival

Senior Employee (10 years) - Elsa

AIA Latte Art Workshop


Lee Cheuk Yiu's Sharing 2022

SY 40th Anniversary

2022 AIA X-mas Workshop

2022 Camping

2023 First Hiking 

2023 First Team Building

2023 Lunar New Year

2023 SY Family- MDRT Gathering 

2023 Wagashi Workshop

IFPHK 2023 Member's Networking Party

Seeds- Happy Hours 2023

Seeds- Top Cases, Top FYC, Top Leader

Lucy& Mansfield's Birthday

Business Trip- Mainland China 2023

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