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Wendy Lee - Co-Founder

  • Awards presented by General Agents & Managers Association of Hong Kong (GAMA):

    • 2021 Frontline Leader (FLA) Bronze Award

    • 2019 Frontline Leader (FLA) Gold Award

    • 2019 International Management Award (IMA) Bronze Award

    • 2018 Frontline Leader (FLA) Silver Award

    • 2017 Frontline Leader (FLA) Silver Award

  • Quality Advisor Award 2021​

  • IDA Bronze Dragon Award

  • FLMI certification as a Life Insurance Manager

  • 16 years of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), Honor Roll and Life Member

"Always work tirelessly to strive for excellence.
At the same time, constantly encourage and push yourself and those around you. "



Close up look on their professional background

Unlike most other financial planners back in the day, Lee took the unorthodox route to study abroad in the USA for university. She majored in psychology and business management.


Upon graduation, she came back to Hong Kong and entered the financial sector. Thus began her professional career in the financial planning and asset management industry. In 2006, she joined AIA International Limited as a Senior Unit Manager, and has been working there since then.

Seeing that the insurance industry in foreign countries is becoming more mature and perfect, but little is known about it in China, Lee was deeply saddened, so she made a meaningful decision-to extend the business to China, and it was this decision to renew the insurance industry. Defined the rest of her life!

In early 2006, Lee began to work as a senior division manager at AIA in Hong Kong, responsible for client asset management, asset inheritance, and training of new financial planners.


Don't forget the original intention, Fang De is always. 20 years in the insurance business and 20 years of sticking to her original aspirations, Lee has won many honors and qualifications to participate in the Hong Kong AIA and SY regional summits.

During this period, Lee has successively won the Frontline Leader Award (FLA) Silver Award, the Management Development Award Silver Award, and the IDA Dragon Award.


At the same time, she has also obtained a number of highly valuable industry qualifications such as the FLMI Life Insurance Manager issued by the American Life Insurance Management Institute and the Certified Financial Advisor (RFC) issued by the International Association of Certified Financial Advisors. These top professional recognitions and many honors have become the glorious footprints behind Lee.

Be responsible to your clients. Serve them with your heart.

Sometimes, doing your job is one thing, but being patient and thorough in the way you serve your clients is a different thing. Let’s look at an interesting story. Lee once had a client that gave her many headaches. This particular client bought an insurance plan from her twelve years ago. Once a year thereafter whenever the client’s insurance plans are reviewed, the client was never courteous to Lee. When Lee would go see the client, the client would always show some form of dissatisfaction and a stern face. But this was never intended to be against Lee, it seems that this is how he treats many people.

The same situation continued until Lee’s client was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. After this life changing event, Lee’s client began to proactively contact her on a regular basis. Within these conversations, Lee could tell that her client had two main worries: one was the worry of not being able to obtain insured compensation, and second was the client’s worry of worsening health conditions. Understandably, Lee became physically tired due to the extra work load and phone calls. Making things more difficult is the fact that she does not have all the answers to her client’s questions, such as the client’s health conditions back then. However, none of her client’s pickiness and high expectations swayed Lee away, she even made a promise to her client at the end during a phone call: “Listen, sir, let’s divide up the work load. You focus on getting well and improving your health while I will do everything I can to help you receive your compensation. In areas where the end result could go both ways, I will still strive to do my best to fight in your favor”.


With Lee’s hard work and persistence, the client eventually received his compensation. With this money and personal savings, the client went to the USA and luckily recovered his health over time. Once his health improved, his attitude towards Lee also changed significantly. He became very respectful to Lee and also began to be much nicer to those around him. Her client would regularly tell those around him that Lee gave him a lot of confidence when he was ill, and this confidence was as precious as anything that money can buy.


After joining AIA, she also naturally became a frequent visitor to AIA magazines and newspapers in Hong Kong, and she herself obtained a lifetime membership of the world's top MDRT, known as the "Hermes of the Insurance Industry".

Many years of insurance business have cultivated Lee superb speaking skills. At the annual meeting of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) in the United States, Lee delivered a speech full of experience sharing.

In addition, she has been invited many times to give speeches at world-class universities in Hong Kong such as Chinese University.

If love is the driving force behind Lee's 20-year dedication to the insurance business, then her husband and family are the spiritual pillars of Lee's self-satisfaction.


Both of them are engaged in insurance business in AIA, Lee's husband also received a FPSB (Financial Plannjng Standards Board) International Financial Planning Standards Board certified international financial planner professional qualifications, and won the 2007 Hong Kong Financial Planner Award.

Under the influence of the couple, the two sons showed a keen interest in the insurance industry since childhood. Therefore, the couple hopes to turn the insurance business into a business and pass the business on to their two children.

A successful career and a happy family are the portrayal of Lee in the first half of her life. She has devoted herself to volunteer activities without hesitation, which has enriched her spiritual world! In the past few years, she has traveled to the mainland many times to encourage and help those left-behind children in the mountainous areas, participate in the "Mentorship Program", raise funds for the church, and serve as a volunteer consultant for eight world-class universities in Hong Kong.

The most important thing is that Lee hopes that through her 20 years of working experience and social influence, she can divert more social resources to help the "Hong Kong drift" mainland students, so that they can use their professional skills in Hong Kong to spread the word. the road to future success.

Today, 90% of Lee's team have university degrees and master's degrees, they all graduated from top universities in Hong Kong, and more than 90% of the members majored in finance.

The insurance industry in Hong Kong is booming, and more elite talents will be needed in the future. The team formed by Lee has 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and rich social resources in Hong Kong, which many domestic managers and their teams do not have. Advantage.

Constantly giving back to society

During their busiest times last year, Lai and Lee hosted a group of children from Africa. Amongst them, three of them came from Kenya. Since they were orphans, the elder child took care of the two younger children. They came to Hong Kong in hopes of seeking donations. Therefore, they lived in Lai and Lee’s home during this period of time.

It was a very busy period of time for this couple. Not only are they expected to perform exemplary at work, they also just moved into another flat and have not yet settled in. Nonetheless, they still decided to become a host family. It was an interesting experience, filled with hard work and complications. But it also made them feel warm and sympathetic.


With an effort and desire to raise funds for their charity, these children had to visit various secondary schools to perform; singing and dancing. After a day’s hard work, they went back to their host family. As they took off their shoes, even Lai and Lee’s housekeeper raised her eyebrows. The condition and odor of their socks were poor and horrendous. Off course, none of them said anything or made a comment. The next day, without any hesitation, they took out many pairs of new socks and placed them next to their shoes.


Later on, they found out every child is only entitled to two pairs of socks. Without the proper clothing, it must be very easy to get ill and feel chilly. The winter season in Hong Kong is rather chilly this year. None of these children from Africa had never experienced such cold weather before. Therefore, one of them caught a fever. Lee went out to seek for medication, and got out of her way to get more clothing for them. Surprisingly, none of them took the cloths. The reason is very simple. It is because they only have one bag pack per person. Thus, they were worried the new items would not fit inside their bag. Lee suspected it might have something to do with airline’s luggage weight restrictions. Lee had the privilege to experience poverty in such simplicity, yet it is still filled with lots of happiness. The children’s down to earth living standards and positive attitudes made Lee feel very warm in her heart.


During this period of time, Lee assisted in the needs of these children as much as she could. Apart from making donations, she would also call in favors from friends to drive the kids to where they need to go, as well as giving the children better food.


“Many people in the world live in pain. What you can do is try your best to make some change in their lives. Subsequently, your heart will also be filled with joy and happiness. Some people may lead a busy life and become very successful, but they may not live their lives to its fullest. Contributing towards making our world a better place should serve as part of our life’s purpose. The feeling of knowing that you were able to make someone else’s life better and easier because of what you did. The happiness and satisfaction you feel in your heart is priceless”, says Lai.


Lai and Lee pay very close attention to the wellbeing of teenagers. On top of acting as a home stay family, they also invest a lot of their time into helping others. Some of them include visiting underprivileged children living in rural areas of China, and volunteering in secondary schools and universities in Hong Kong as financial consultants and speech givers. In the world of financial planning, questions and uncertainties toward future career paths, even uncertainties or problems with their life in general, Lai and Lee strive to give these young adults their most honest opinions.


Outside of school, Lee is always more than happy to share her past experiences to young individuals entering the financial sector. As a life member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) meeting, she had the honor of being delivering speeches at various settings and locations. Furthermore, while attending an MDRT meeting in the USA, she had the honor of delivering a speech in front of 300 attendees.


Lee does a lot more than delivering speeches. She shows her thoughts and positive values through action, not just words.

Exemplary mentoring

Lai and Lee are excellent mentors to their young team members.


Two years ago, a young woman wanted to join her team. Back then, she wanted to give it a shot. But when Lee asked her if she had already told her relatives, friends, and family, she said: “no”. She did not think too much about the future. All she had was compassion and an outstanding work ethic.


Lee thought she had good potential in this line of work and decided to welcome her into her team with open arms. In the beginning, nobody was willing to purchase an insurance plan from her. Amidst her frustration and countless disappointments, Lee decided to accompany her and fly back to her home town with her to meet her friends and family and show her the ropes. More importantly, Lee wanted to guide her and educate her into becoming a better financial planner. The trip lasted for four to five days. Their first day was very productive and they met with lot of people. As the next day approached, Lee asked her if she had a plan. She replied “no”. Lee tried to push her further to come up with a plan. But still, she had no idea who else to meet or turn to. At last, she thought: “why not we run a ‘cold call’? Let’s just head out onto the street and speak with whoever will speak to us”. Hearing her desperation, Lee did not know how to reply her. After all, what is the point of travelling thousands of miles to her home town just to run a ‘cold call’?


It was a beautiful day. The beginning days of spring. Maple leaves whirling and dancing in the air in this small, close-knit community.


In the end, Lee still decided to drag her along with the neighbors and other occupants of this small community. Lee even met her family members to express her sincerity. She wanted to educate them more about the working culture in Hong Kong but most importantly, begin to build trust with them.   


What happened later was a surprise. The young woman had a revelation and began to outperform many of her peers. At the end of the first year, she achieved very respectable results and came in the top 0.1% worldwide. In 2018, from July to September, her results came in the top 60 in AIA International Limited. Bear in mind that AIA is a company with more than 15,000 financial planners. As a method of encouragement, the company placed her ad in Central and Hong Kong train station to promote the CEO Club competition back then.


Like many others, Lee also thought what happened was unimaginable. But when it comes to educating and nurturing young adults, she sure expresses a lot of sincerity. She understands that everybody has a different working pace. Some are by nature quicker than others, and some are slower. But she thinks having a slower working pace is not a problem. What she thinks is important is whether you have somebody to accompany you along the journey. Just like the young woman we have been talking about, she does very well in school and exams, and also works extremely hard. She understands how to face difficulties and deal with adversity. All she lacked in the beginning was confidence in her own ability. Nevertheless, with the right attitude and confidence, she will definitely have a bright future.


Nowadays, in the first seven to eight months of the year, Lee always spends most of her time and energy on hiring and educating talented individuals. She is excellent at acknowledging each person’s strengths and strives to educate the person in a way that fully maximizes his or her potential. If one is talented with computers, then he or she could do more work on data analysis. If one has a very sensible personality, then perhaps he or she could focus on serving more mature to elderly clients. Ones who think like millennials and have a relatively younger mind set should enter the market working with the younger generation. What never changes, which is often stipulated by Lai and Lee, is our professionalism and dedication on our work.

Lai and Lee view themselves as working professionals. They have long term visions for the future and always place hard work, perseverance and sincerity as their priority. As a result, they expect the same positive attitude from all the members in their team. In their point of view, what they are doing is more than just a profession, it is all about making the right promises and being responsible to your clients.


At home, Lai and Lee have their lovely children. At work, they have their hard-working team members. They are hopeful that more and more people will enter the market and shoulder the responsibility of serving their clients with integrity and trust as the industry continue to thrive in the future. Remarkably, although their two sons are still very young, they have gradually developed an interest in the insurance industry. Lai and Lee are grateful about this because they have always wanted to turn their profession into a business, and wish to handover the business to their two children someday in order to pass on their responsibility to future generations.

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