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Mansfield Lai

The Good Citizen Award 2015

Mansfield Lai (BEng                ) (Co-Founder of Seeds Financial Group)

- MDRT member

- Certified Financial Planner 

- 2022 Executive Diploma in Wealth management 2022

- Registered Trust Practitioner, RTP 2022

- GAMAHK  FLA Silver 2020

- The Good Citizen Award 2015

- HKCECES Fundraising Committee Chairman 2012

- South China Morning Post Financial Planning Award 2007

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Mansfield Lai is a high achiever in his academic studies. Many may not be familiar with the weight and value of a CFP certification. Out of 100,000 licensed financial planners in Hong Kong, only around 6,000 financial planners have earned this certification. This certification is considered top-tier and highly recognized worldwide. It covers insurance, investment, taxation, company benefits and other important areas of study. With the desire to receive such a top-tier certification, Lai spent three years studying for it while working simultaneously.


Moreover, this certification does not last for a lifetime. To account for changes in the market, upon earning the certification, members still need to continue to educate themselves. They are expected to earn ten academic credits per year, and constantly learn about new career-related information and current events, to make sure one will not fall behind with the market’s expectations and needs. Lai’s dedication and hard work paid off when he was awarded a top prize in Financial Planning in 2007.

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Mansfield Lai’s story is rather unique. He was there for his client during his childhood and upbringing. This story began more than ten years ago. At the time, a client wanted to invest a few million dollars. The beneficiary was his son. But he stipulated that the investments could only be received once he became an adult. The origin of this amount of money began with a sad story. It was awarded to Lai’s client after his wife passed away in a car accident. Once he signed the insurance contract, he resigned from his job and brought his son with him to study in the UK. Nevertheless, perhaps due to the loss or lack of motherly love, the child and his father never got along.


Arguments, silent treatments, and even physical fights occur regularly. Lai was too kind not to intervene, so he decided to offer some help to the father and son. He began communicating with his young client to give him some advice and insights. He taught him about the importance of building a good relationship with his father. He also told him about his mother’s wishes and expectations for him as she rests in peace: to become a self-motivated and ambitious individual, to do good deeds, and to be a positive contributor to our society”.


Unexpectedly, this child who loves to argue with his father, actually always listens to Lai, even treating him as his elder brother. As a result, Lai not only continued to help him invest his money. He even stepped up and became a role model to him. This loving relationship continued for fifteen years, until this very day.


Lai himself is also a father of two children. They are ten and thirteen years old respectively. Lai also spreads his love for his children and shares a part of his heart with the young client who has a deceased mother. He hopes he can see him grow up and become a successful person in the future.


Although stories as sweet and loving as this are not uncommon, after all, Lai and Lee have been involved in this industry for more than twenty years, but stories such as this are more important and carry more weight than any certification or qualification. The love that this couple share to others are not just limited to their own clients.

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The Good Citizen Award 2015

Proust Questionnaire


*1. What do you think is the most supreme form of happiness?
Getting satisfactory results after hard work

*2. Who do you admire the most among the living people?
My parents/ Su Huawei's mother/ Michael J. Sandel/ Oksana Chusovitina/ Barack Obama/ Elon Musk/ JK Rowling

*3. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?
In 2015, I received the Good Citizen Award and became a "Justice" hero in the eyes of children.

*4. What was your favourite trip?
Take a self-drive tour with your family, from New Jersey, via Boston, to New York *

5. What is your most treasured possession?
Family and Health

*6. What is your most luxurious thing?
Arguing with others is a waste of your most precious time

*7. What is your most used word or phrase?
Everything is possible

*8. What characteristics do you value most in your friends?

*9. What is the most loved person or thing in your life?
My wife and children, family

*10. When and where do you feel happiest?
Receive public exam transcripts
Receive a college acceptance letter
My own child standing on the podium
Received the customer's first 3 million check
Receive a thank you letter from a client

*11. Why did you join this industry?
I hate being stagnant, so I join the industry to broaden my network. Each person has only 24 hours, and this industry can allow me to make the most out of my time to achieve the most income.

*12. What is your motto?
We cannot decide the outcomes, but we can decide on our own actions.

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