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​Critical illness Protection 


Critical illness can strike when you least expect it, placing a heavy financial burden on the whole family. What’s more, with life expectancy rising, there is now an even greater chance of suffering multiple critical illnesses in a lifetime. Without adequate support, the costs of medical treatment can disrupt your plans for their future.

Education Plan 


Education Plan is designed with a specific goal in mind – financing your child’s higher education. The plan offers short premium payment terms, opportunities for growth and guaranteed cash payments when your child reaches university age. There is no better gift than a good education. Start planning now for a bright academic future.

​Annuity Plan


A stable guaranteed annuity income stream that you can rely on for your retirement is a must . 

Medical Protection 


In view of rising medical expenses, it is important for you and your family to have adequate hospitalisation protection. Your family responsibilities remain even as you progress with your career, arranging dependable medical protection is essential in your journey.

Travel Insurance 


A world of adventure is out there, waiting to be explored. Take iTravel Protect with you for worldwide travel protection that covers all your essential needs, with optional benefits to suit your own itinerary. 

​Life Insurance


Life is unpredictable. As a breadwinner, you will always worry about the wellbeing of your family when mishap unexpectedly happens. 

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