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Wendy Lee - Branch Manager

Contact number: +852 9021 5703





"Always work tirelessly to strive for excellence.
At the same time, constantly encourage and push yourself and those around you. "



Close up look on their professional background

Unlike most other financial planners back in the day, Lee took the unorthodox route to study abroad in the USA for university. She majored in psychology and business management. Upon graduation, she came back to Hong Kong and entered the financial sector. Thus began her professional career in the financial planning and asset management industry. In 2006, she joined AIA International Limited as a Senior Unit Manager, and has been working there since then.

20 years of hard work and inside knowledge about the industry has earned Lee a good reputation. She had earned several awards presented by General Agents & Managers Association of Hong Kong (GAMA): 2018 Frontline Leader (FLA) Gold Award, 2018 International Management Award (IMA) Bronze Award, and 2017 Frontline Leader (FLA) Silver Award. Furthermore, she was also awarded an IDA Bronze Dragon Award, a FLMI certification as a Life Insurance Manager, and a certified Financial Consultant (RFC) qualification. Lee also had the highest honor to be recognized as a Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) life member.

Her husband, Mansfield Lai, is a high achiever in his academic studies. Many may not be familiar with the weight and value of a CFP certification. Out of 100,000 licensed financial planners in Hong Kong, only around 6,000 financial planners has earned this certification. This certification is considered top-tier and highly recognized worldwide. It covers insurance, investment, taxation, company benefits and other important areas of study. With the desire to receive such a top-tier certification, Lai spent three years studying for it while also working at the same time.


Moreover, this certification does not last for a lifetime. In order to account for changes in the market, upon earning the certification, members still need to continue to educate themselves. They are expected to earn ten academic credits per year, and constantly learn about new career related information and current events, to make sure one will not fall behind with the market’s expectations and needs. Lai’s dedication and hard work paid off when he was awarded with a top prize in Financial Planning in 2007.


Sometimes, doing your job is one thing, but being patient and thorough in the way you serve your clients is a different thing. Let’s look at an interesting story. Lee once had a client that gave her many headaches. This particular client bought an insurance plan from her twelve years ago. Once a year thereafter whenever the client’s insurance plans are reviewed, the client was never courteous to Lee. When Lee would go see the client, the client would always show some form of dissatisfaction and a stern face. But this was never intended to be against Lee, it seems that this is how he treats many people.